The Best Carp Fishing in France

Where is the best carp fishing in France?

You have worked hard all year to save for your annual fishing holiday to France and you want to make sure you make the right choice. An obvious question would be "where is the best carp fishing in France"?. Well thats actually quite a difficult question to answer, the reason is that everyone will have a different opinion on what is the best for them.

In our experience most carp fisherman are divided on their prefered lake size, half prefer large lake in the excess of 20 acres that hold a handful of huge carp but are very difficult to catch. The other half prefer smaller pretty lakes that are easier to catch but generally smaller average size carp.

The next thing to consider is how many carp you catch? some anglers are happy to catch 1 or 2 carp as long as they are in the excess of 30lb, while others would prefer to catch more fish even if they are smaller.

There are also other things to consider, do you want a drive & survive fishing holiday or do you prefer your creature comforts and want a comfy bed for the night and English TV?

So what really is the best carp fishing in France?

At E'tang de Campas we have tried to create a fishery that meets everyones expectation, now the lake is 4 acres so we cannot do anything about the size. What we can do though is provide a beautiful lake to fish, stocked full with hard fighting mirror, common & Grass carp to 53lb. The stock has a large numbe of 20, 30 & 40lb fish. We have never had any guests to our lake blank and with the average number of fish caught per week in the excess of 40 carp you can be sure you wont get bored. In amongst the large carp stock we have some specimen carp, these like any other specimen fish are more difficult to catch but with only 4 acres of water to navigate your chances are massively improved.

At E'tang de Campas you are more than welcome to bivvy up all week and not miss a moments fishing time, or you can sit back in the evening in our 2 bedroom lakeside log cabin and watch premier league football on Sky, the choice is yours.

So the answer to the question Where is the best carp fishing in France? in our opinion its right here at E'tang de Campas. The weeks for this year are going fast so dont miss out book now. Please see availability dates here



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