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Fishing in France


Well like everyone Covid has really effected us but hopefully this year will be closer to normal. Due to the ease of facebook we are using their platform to update news. We will update news on here annually along with other relevant information for each season. Please visit our facebook page for latest info

What's Been Happening?

Early November was our annual lake netting. Jack and they lads did a great job in firstly getting the lake depth down to less than 3 feet and secondly completing a successful netting. We managed to remove 1000kg of unwanted carp ranging from 2lb to 15lb along with smaller silver fish. Check out the netting photos on our blog here

Our French fish farmer happily purchased those from us and provided us with some extra funds to purchase more big carp. The netting was a success and we believe we managed to remove 90% of the unwanted carp. The removal of these fish will see the main stock receiving far more feed and hopefully better weight gains over the coming season.

New Stock

We are hoping to add some additional fish to the existing stock but we are still awaiting confirmation that they are available, we already have the correct amount of fish now so we are only interested in increasing the average size. All the new stock we have requested are 35lb and upwards. We will post further news as it happens
Lake Repairs

This spring we are continuing with the bank and drive repairs that we started last summer. The repairs will see large parts of the northern boundary of the fishery with new timber banks. This will serve two purposes, one to stop erosion and two it will provide a large fishing area for guests to be able to fish close together.

The driveway level is being raised by around 6 inches and pipes laid below to enabling the drive to drain and be firm and not get waterlogged in heavy down pours.
2nd Lake

We are netting the small lake in Feb and removing all of the unwanted small fish, this is in preparation of work starting on the repairs at the end of this season.

We hope to see you at the new and improved Etang de Campus in 2015. Each year just gets better and better, the average size of fish has improved year on year and like wise the biggest catch has too. The biggest catch of 2014 was 44lb 3oz caught by a Mr J McKenzie of Sherness - Kent. Mr McKenzie has booked his free weeks fishing for next season.

For those of you out there that are considering a weeks carp fishing in France then why not try a weeks fishing at Etang de Campas. We guarantee a beautiful lake, beautiful surroundings, great accommodation and most importantly plenty of carp. In the 8 seasons we have been open we have never had any group of anglers blank, and we are confident that all guests regardless of experience will catch carp, especially when Paul our bailiff gives you his inside knowledge. Heres looking forward to an exciting 2015 season and hope to welcome you to Etang de Campas real soon.

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