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Carp lakes in France
My history of Carp Fishing in France at Etang de Campas

My passion for all things fishing started from the age of 8 and like most kids was taken fishing by my Dad. I found that although normally inpatient I could happily sit by a lake edge all day waiting for a bite and not be too concerned if that bite never materialised.

I would fish for anything that I could catch which on a really bad day included stickle back, minnows and even frogs. As my experience and skills improved I started to have more luck and was catching fish on a more regular basis but was getting bored with catching silver fish and wanted to catch some specimen fish like the ones I used to see in magazines. Pike fishing seemed the quickest and easiest way to catch big fish but this novelty soon wore of and I was soon looking for another way.

Whilst fishing our local lake and watching the majority of anglers blanking I noticed one old guy who was fishing with a target board, ledger bomb and trout pellets, I watched in amazement as he hooked into an almighty fish which seem to take hours to land, when he did I looked in the net to see my imagination said that must be 50lb although more than likely closer to 15lb. I instantly wanted to catch fish like that and proceeded to chew the old boys ear of for a further 2 hours until he decided he had enough and left.

I set about finding out as much as possible about carp fishing and replaced all my equipment for carp rods and reels, my dad brought me a Diawa Optonic for my birthday, and so the love affair began.

I fished for carp for about 10 years more with at the time a fairly good personal best of 21lb. I had heard from other fisherman about the size and amount of carp being caught in France and wanted to go as soon as I could. My first fishing in France trip ended with a blank week for the 3 of us, but I had not lost any enthusiasm and went each year for 3 more years with some good results
I returned home dreaming of owning a carp fishing lake in France and was soon on the net emailing agents for lake details but was soon disheartened by the costs of such carp fishing lakes and gave up hope, but then out of the blue I was sent the details of Etang De Campas which was just over budget but within reach. We booked a trip to France and as soon as we saw the lake fell in love with it and paid the full asking price, the rest is history.

We have become as passionate about the fishery as we have about catching the fish in it and plan to continue to improve the lake for anglers to enjoy carp fishing in France for years to come.

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